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FC Rostov, a Russian professional soccer club, is located in Rostov-on Don, Rostov Oblast. They are part of the Russian Premier League and play at the Rostov Arena.

Who We Are

Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who love football and want to share this passion with others. We aim to bring you the latest information on FC Rostov, a Russian football club. We publish news from player transfers to administrative shifts, and even details concerning the team’s performances and tournament schedules. This includes both domestic and international competitions.

Through our site, we will bring you the latest updates and stories about FC Rostov. And we also want to create an exchange between football fans, FC Rostov fans, and those new to both. Fans and newcomers are welcome here!

Who is FC Rostov?

FC Rostov is a football club founded on May 10th of 1930, and was initially called Selmashstroy. Then in 1936, the team was renamed Selmash and Traktor in 1941. The club was incorporated into the South Zone of Azov-Don in 1950 and then was placed in Group B for the following season’s championship games. They kept getting promoted and were renamed Torpedo in 1953 and Rostselmash in 1958. Now we see FC Rostov climb the Russian Premier League, and we are excited about what’s to come.

The FC Rostov Team not only works hard on the field, but they also do their best to give back to their Russian community and fans. They work with various charities during their off-seasons. This philanthropic act makes FC Rostov, not just a skilled team but a group of athletes to look up to as inspiration.

Olimp-2 Stadium

FC Rostov’s home stadium is the Olimp-2 which seats thirty thousand spectators and has a playing surface measuring 105 x 68 meters. Before 2007, FC Rostov played its home games at Central Stadium, also located in Rostov-on-Don. FC Rostov’s games do not usually get a large audience, this means tickets for FC Rostov’s home games start at around $5, making them relatively affordable. The closer you are to the center of the stadium, the tickets get more expensive. But this is still a great deal when European leagues are usually much more expensive.

The ticket pricing for FC Rostov games welcomes both fans and newcomers to watch their live games.

Meet The Team

Rostov named Vitaly Kafanov, Turkmenistani coach, as their new manager on October 26th of 2021.

  • Sergey Pesjakov, Goalkeeper
  • Egor Baburin, Goalkeeper
  • Maksim Rudakov, Goalkeeper
  • Maksim Osipenko, Centre-Back
  • Dennis Hadzikadunic, Centre-Back
  • Bastos, Centre-Back
  • Nikita Kotin, Centre-Back
  • Viktor Melekhin, Centre-Back
  • Nikolay Poyarkov, Left-Back
  • Igor Kalinin, Left-Back
  • Denis Terentjev, Right-Back
  • Konstantin Kovalev, Right-Back
  • Andrey Langovich, Right-Back
  • Danil Glebov, Defensive Midfield
  • Armin Gigovic, Defensive Midfielder
  • Kento Hashimoto, Central Midfield
  • Pavel Mamaev, Central Midfield
  • Kirill Folmer, Right Midfield
  • Khoren Bayramyan, Left Midfield
  • Danila Sukhomlinov, Attacking Midfield
  • Roman Tugarev, Left Winger
  • Pontus Almqvist, Right Winger
  • Nikolay Komlichenko, Centre-Forward
  • Ali Sowe, Centre-Forward
  • Dmitri Poloz, Centre-Forward
  • Danila Proshlyakov, Centre-Forward

The Russian Premier League and FC Rostov

The Russian Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in Europe. A few teams have a chance of making it to the European Leagues, including FC Rostov.

If FC Rostov reaches the European League, they will face some extremely tough competition. Even if their Champion’s League in 2016 were impressive, they would need to perform even better to play well in the competition. The FC Rostov team has shown great potential in their games, and we look forward to their qualifying rounds. The future of FC Rostov seems very promising!

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